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Congrats. If you're going to do a 26.2 mile workout, spend $30, enter a race, and get the t-shirt.


Congratulations! That's a good thing done.

Brian R

Congratulations! Glad to hear you did it...upstate should be proud.


Hey Joe, you don't know me, but I work with Bob. I actually followed your progress, off and on, through the last 10 miles or so of the race. It was really exciting to see the yellow dot moving along at a nice pace. Great Job!


Some people might still wonder why Pheidippides dropped dead after he reached Athens from Marathon, but now YOU know. It's a bitch running that many miles! I can't imagine how any "body" can survive it.

So for that reason, I heartily congratulate you on surviving not just a marathon, but the MARINE CORPS Marathon. Kudos from me, one of Bob's regular readers.


Thanks, everybody, for supporting me and tracking along with me on this crazy mid-life scheme! I'll have more to share about it in a few days, with photos that my oldest boy snapped, and more funny stories about the race day. Yesterday, when I was walking down the street like an outpatient I would've said it was a great experience, but I didn't need to do it again. Today, as the pain is receding and I'm tracking that slow yellow dot on the Map Track, I'm actually starting to think dangerous thoughts. Like...gee, can I make that dot go faster?


Congrats! My kid was in DC Sunday and saw lots of runners. You might have been one.


Hey--I've been reading since the Beatles rankings, and have been following your progress all the while. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment! Best of luck for your post-race muscle pains...

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